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Fun Facts

Purgatory was named after...
Purgatory Creek, a tributary that runs into the Animas River.  The resort’s founders (Chet Anderson and Raymond Duncan) decided it would be appropriate to tie that theme to Dante’s Inferno which mentions Purgatory – a 7-storied mountain.  Note:  Purgatory Creek still runs through Purgatory today.
Wapiti, Dead Spike and Bull Run have something in common...
they’re all named after elk.  Wapiti is the Native American word for elk.  Dead Spike was named when trail clearing crews found a dead spike (young elk) in the area.  Bull Run was named for the bull elk that ran across the trail when it was being cut.
Trail name changes:
BDM Expressway’s trail was originally named “Damn If I Know”. Demon’s original name was Swire’s Gulch. No Mercy’s original name was 666 – or ‘sixes’
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