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March Safety Superstars!

Way to go Safety Superstars for March – Vito Mortalo, Shannon Cramer, Luke Prince (Guest Services) – Kevin Sanchez (Lift Operations) – Dirty Don Hinkley (Patrol) – Chris Richardson (Base Area Operations)


Employee End of Season Notes & Employee Ski Day Info

Employee Ski Day
April 6th
10 am-1pm
Pick up your lift ticket in Human Resources
No Pets Please

Food, drinks, skiing and riding with your co-workers!

• Referral Incentive Program – Tell your friends about our job openings and get up to $150 cash when you return this summer! Call or come into Human Resources for more information.

• Human Resources will be open:

Monday – Saturday 8:30 – 4:30PM thru April 2nd.

Beginning April 3rd thru the end of the season, Tuesday – Saturday.

• As long as you end the season in good standing, your pass and friendship passes will be valid through the end of the season. Employees may also utilize the Real Deal program after we close. In April, please call HR (385-2162) before driving up to the mountain to confirm that we are in the office to write out vouchers. All Real Deals are $10 at the ticket office at the other resort.

• Uniforms: When you are finished for the season, bring your employee uniform to HR. Just remember to empty the pockets, and we will do the rest! Please return your jacket on your last day of work.

• If you need to change your address so that you receive your last paycheck, please do so on ePurg (under links/Address Change) or in HR.


February Safety Superstars!

Congrats to Tish Lewis and Trish McCormack (Retail), Kevin Boas (Snowsports), Jimbo Brantley (Engineering) and Andrew Scarborough (Patrol) for being our Safety Superstars!


Memory Masters – January

Congratulations to the following employees that were selected as Memory Masters for January 2016:
Travis Laverty Mountain Patrol
Ashley Stephens Childcare
Stormy Weber Purgy’s
Lisa Foster DMU/IT
April Bowser DMC

These employees will receive a $50 gift certificate for dinner at Ken and Sues and are entered into the end of the season drawing for $500 cash.

Thank these employees and send them into HR to pick up their new nametag and their $50 gift certificate!

Congratulations to our winners and keep up the good work- we couldn’t do it without you!

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