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Employee Reminders

Important reminders about employee information. Click to read more.

• Employees are not to wear their company uniforms when skiing or riding while they are not working.  When your employees go out for their ski break, please remind your staff to remove their DMR uniform jacket and nametag.

• Employees who smoke are not to smoke in their DMR uniform jacket or with a nametag on. Please guide your staff to an appropriate, non-public location near your department, if possible.

• Please review the appearance policy as there are changes from last season.

• Employees and volunteers that ski, ride or operate a snowmobile must wear a helmet as part of their uniform.  The reimbursement form is available in Human Resources.

• It is your staff’s responsibility to have their employee passes on them while on the mountain either working or free skiing.  After 2 times of an employee forgetting their pass HR will notify your supervisor.

• Employees must park in the designated employee parking locations.  Click here to view the parking map.



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