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End of Summer Season Notes

Thank you for a great summer season. Your hard work and dedication helped us have another successful summer! As we get closer to the end of the season, here are some important reminders:

• As long as you end the season in good standing, your pass and friendship passes will be valid through September. Also, anyone who met their requirements to qualify for a winter comp pass or additional winter friendship passes will receive an email from us in October. Those requirements include finishing the season in good standing through 7 day a week operations, working a minimum of 112 hours and receiving a 3 or higher on your performance review.

• Uniforms: When you are finished for the season, bring your employee uniform to HR. Just remember to empty the pockets, and we will do the rest! Please return your jacket on your last day of work. If HR is not open on your last day, please turn your uniform in to your supervisor or the Bodo office.

• If you need to change your address so that you receive your last paycheck, please do so on or in HR.

We will post all of our winter positions October 15th. We would love to see you up here as an employee or a volunteer this winter. If you will be leaving this winter, we wish you luck and hope to see you back in the future.

Thank you for everything you did for Purgatory this summer!


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