Fall Ball Awards

Mike Morris – “Holding Down the Fort…and Making It Better”

Mike really stepped it up in the Village Mountain Deli this spring/summer. With Carly out on maternity leave Mike not only covered all the management responsibilities for the plaza restaurant team…but successfully implemented our new Plaza patio dining terrace, upgraded the Deli interior, increased ice cream and summer treat sales and managed both the deli and grocery offerings. Plus Mike’s infectious smile and positive spirit lifted guest service levels in the Deli to the best they’ve ever been. Mike worked countless hours and did a great job managing his staff…and now that Carly is back, she doesn’t know what to do with herself (just kidding!). Great job Mike for holding down the fort and making this DMR venue even better and more fun for our guests and employees!

Derek Hopp – “IT Ninja”

Derek is always quick to help.  If you ask for help, he’s like a ninja and is there in a flash.  He has a great personality and is an all-around great guy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Derek takes the time to make sure an issue is resolved and explains what he’s doing so you are aware of the problem and how to keep it from happening. Also kudos for dealing with some guy who sends out photos all the time and wrecks havoc on the email server.

Jessica Burns – “Just Keep Smiling”

Time and again Jessica faces some interesting challenges with the people who walk into our office.  It takes a special person to listen to someone say “hey – I was drunk when I bought my pass so ….” or “you’re just out to screw us locals and all you care about is the Texans who come here” or “why don’t you like senior citizens” … the list goes on and on.  And she gives all these people the attention they deserve (and then some).  She could write a book about the weird things she sees and hears.  Jessica does her job better than anyone ever has in her position.  And she gets better and better every day.

Sarah Olson – “Ms Creativity”

Sarah’s creativity is a true asset to DMR.  She can work magic with her computer!  The posters and stickers she creates garner immeasurable goodwill with our community.  Her talents are envied by many (especially me – I can’t draw a straight line).  Everyone looks forward to see what she’ll come up with next.  It’s fun to see DMR come alive on paper because of the cool things she does.  And she didn’t even let a sea urchin stop her from coming into work.  She had hundreds of quills in her feet and they likely acted as a way to let her creativity flow even more freely out of her!!!

Shawn Poliquin – “Mr Macgyver”

I would like to nominateShawn Poliquinfor the outstanding employee from my department. Shawn takes the initiative every day to solve problems with equipment in Purg Lodge saving PLOA thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Val Van Kirk Busch – “The Honey Badger”

Supervising the new zip line department…Val don’t care…Val’s not scared
Employees quit…Val works zip line…Val don’t care
July 4th week…who asks if zippers are of zip weight? Val…Val’s not scared…Safety first

Val is safety conscious in Winter and Summer, but she truly shined this summer keeping the first responders, ticket office, and staff up to speed on the changing weather.

Tori Ossola and Sara Bath – “Thumbs Up” Award

For putting up with all the bitchy brides and one very “high maintenance” groom.  Tori had a lot of clean up to do in her first year.  She jumped in and took the unicorn by the horn.  She always has a positive attitude and keeps ideas flowing.  She has a soothing demeanor that can calm even the wildest bride. Sara has such a “Can do” attitude.  She helps with checking guests in, weddings, answering phones, signs for sales and marketing, facebook page, food and beverage, events, etc….etc…  Go Team Rainbows and Unicorns!