ExpertVoice (formerly Experticity) is a website that allows brands to offer discounts to teams of VIPs, Pros, and sales influencers. The brands featured on recognize your role as an industry influencer and offer these deep discounts in exchange for spreading the word about their products.

Here’s how to sign up:
1. Go to http:
2. Enter your email address and click SIGN UP
3. Finish filling in your information as prompted and click JOIN
4. Click on your interests
5. When asked for your affiliation, type in Purgatory Resort and click
6. Select your team (Mtn ops, Retail, etc) and submit application

Your application will be submitted to HR. Please allow us 24 hours (or the weekend if it’s a Sat/Sun) to approve you! Then shop, shop, shop!
This benefit is available to currently active Purgatory employees and volunteers only.